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Trustee Ministry

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Deacon James Parker

The Trustee Ministry provides and maintains the highest quality of care over the Master's storehouse. We are to be good stewards, accountable to God, over the resources for the people of God that we may continue to provide an evangelistic ministry. The Trustee Ministry is responsible for holding in trust all property belonging to the church which includes the responsibility of protection, management, and upkeep. This ministry is to maintain a financial sound house of worship and will faithfully care for and oversee all area of the church property and financials. Trustees are students of the Word, committed tithers, and lovers of God. Members of the Trustee Ministry will be recommended by the Deacon and Trustee Ministry and appointed by the Pastor.The Trustee Ministry consists of: Deacon James Parker…………………Chairman of the Ministry; Arthur Griffin ----------------- Member; Johnny Wright ----------------- Member; David Banks ----------------- Member; Calvery Martin ----------------- Member; Abraham Wilson ------------ Member